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Alternative MedCare provides professional consultations in alternative, complementary, wholistic, integrative medicine, by an experienced, highly skilled, licensed, board-certified homeopathic family physician specializing in classical homeopathy, botanical medicine and nutritional therapy.

Alternative MedCare gives you expert guidance in the use of nutritional therapies, nutriceutical agents, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines, and other alternative, complementary, wholistic, integrative medical therapies for the healing of a wide range of body-mind conditions that plague humanity today.

Alternative MedCare offers you with professional, wholistic, integrative medical guidance for the whole family and individuals of all ages. Our services will prove to be the safe, supportive, cost-effective, comprehensive, natural medical health care for which you've been searching.

Alternative MedCare is your source for gentle yet powerful Natural Medical Self Care. We provide easy-to-follow protocols which teach you to use nutritional agents, botanical remedies, homeopathic medicines and various other natural self-healing modalities that help you and your family to attain and maintain optimal health and well-being.

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