New Patients

Welcome To Our New Patients!

We would like to take this opportunity to explain some things about our Integrative CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) clinical practice operation.

If you have any questions about any aspect of your homeopathic medical treatment, your nutritional therapy, your bio-identical hormonal therapy and/or your I.V. therapy while under our care, please feel free to ask us. We believe open communication is a necessity between the physician and patient. The decision to pursue Integrative CAM care is always yours.

Please rest assured that your questions and decisions during the course of your treatment will always be respected.

We offer several, different types of consultations as follows:
• Initial, Integrative CAM Consultation (30-45 minutes)
• Initial, Intravenous Therapy Consultation (60 minutes)
• Follow-up Integrative CAM Consultation (30 minutes)
• Comprehensive Homeopathic Constitutional Consultation (2.5 hours)

Your initial and subsequent consultations will include a detailed history taking of the totality of your symptoms, review of old medical records, physical examination, and laboratory work as indicated to help understand the root causes of your health conditions. Based upon a careful analysis of all the gathered information, you will be prescribed an individualized, therapeutic regimen that is specifically designed for your optimal health care. Your compliance with your therapeutic regimen will go a long way toward restoring and maintaining your health.

At the beginning of your Integrative CAM experience, it is important to emphasize that constitutional homeopathic medical treatment and nutritional therapy are best viewed as a process rather than an isolated attempt for a quick cure. Careful monitoring of your progress via a very thorough review of the totality of your symptoms, your laboratory work and physical examination over time is required if steady gains are to be achieved. Your homeopathic and nutritional prescriptions will be adjusted as necessary. Consequently, your follow-up visits are vitally important for your ongoing care.

Please take the time to thoroughly fill out and send us a.s.a.p.:
1) The Patient Registration form, including the signed, services contract
2) The HIPAA Acknowledgement form
3) If you are a new homeopathic patient scheduled for a 2.5-hour constitutional visit, it is very important to complete the Comprehensive Homeopathic Constitutional Questionnaire form. We need this information to assist in helping you.

The first follow-up visit is usually scheduled eight to ten weeks after your initial consultation. Subsequent follow-up visits are individually scheduled based upon need. Often, as one’s health improves, the interval between follow-up visits lengthens, ultimately resulting in irregular visits as needed.

We do not bill insurance carriers for your treatment. We expect you to be responsible for your bill at the time that services are rendered. We will provide you with a coded super-bill to file with your insurance company; usually this procedure is effective in obtaining compensation for our office fees from the insurer. Please note that we cannot not accept/file for Medicare/Medicaid patients, though we are happy to have you as patients (self-pay).

If, after reading this information, you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

We are very glad to have this opportunity to participate in your health care and look forward to working with you.

Toward Your Optimum Health,
Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M.